Saturday, 10 May 2014

Start of ABC.

Easter holidays fucked me over, gained a shit ton of weight. Currently 134.0lbs after restricting for a few days and losing ~5lbs. Disgusting. But according to one of my flatmates my height is actually 5"7 (apparently I've grown) so my BMI is lower than I thought.

I'm starting ABC today I've decided, so 500 calories for the first day. At the minute I'm on 392, I'll have two rice cakes later (96) which will take me up to 488.

Also I've been guzzling Diet Coke like it's going out of fashion because my local shop has an excellent deal on boxes of 10 cans so I've stocked up. Calorie free goodness.

I guess one of the reasons I've started to relapse again is that I still have body checking photos from my 2009 eating disorder era and there's one in particular that really triggered me, my hipbones especially. From looking through my blog around the date the photo was taken I've worked out what weight I was at the time and now all I want is to get back down there and further ASAP.

I'm going to start updating everyday again I think, if anyone is still out there I hope you enjoy reading.