Sunday, 27 September 2009

Buzz On

Oh, it's truly happy days today everyone. Despite the increased light-headedness, one or two moments where my vision went all bright and I couldn't see anything, and the throbbing headache I currently have, today has been one brilliant day.

First off, I didn't drink anymore of the green tea, so my calorie count for today remains just under 3. Although I did take a paracetamol for my headache - damn side effects - I don't think that counts, haha. I also avoided eating while both out and when I got home, telling two contradicting stories: "I'm gonna share a pizza with my mam when I get home," and, "Oh, I got a bag of chips while I was out, I'm not hungry". And so, I successfully avoided any and all food. I am so happy with myself right now.

But anyway, that's surprisingly not the main reason for my brilliant mood. Seriously, it should be a crime to be this happy. The reason is, today I went out with my best friend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's best friend. Anyway, her boyfriend's best friend is sooooo undeniably lovely. We watched a scary film, and he put his arm around me, and he held my hand while we walked to where my mam was picking me up, and then we spent the next like, five/ten minutes kissing until my mam got there.

And ohhhhh, he's so NICE. In case of any future references, I'm gonna nickname him L. It's his initial, as you probably guessed, but for the sake of privacy, I won't say his real name. Also, my best friend - who later admitted she'd planned this - has since told me that he thinks I'm really lovely too. Obviously he knows nothing about my eating habits - or rather, non-eating habits - but maybe if we do end up in an official relationship, I'll tell him someday. Who knows.

Sorry that wasn't much of an ana post, but I just seriously needed to gush about how great this guy is. Speaking of ana actually, I told my mam I wanted to start exercising with her, and she took it really well. Unfortunately, she'd already done them by the time she picked me up tonight, so I'll probably start tomorrow. And she said she'd try and get me some of the nice green tea :)

Oh, I loveloveloved today ^__^

Staying strong, thinking thin,


Anonymous said...

Que ótimo que voce arrumou um paquera!!!e é bom tambem que voce não tenha caido em tenteção e comido pizza.
beijos e força