Sunday, 27 September 2009

No eat, more exercise

Oh boy. My legs are killing me. No doubt because I overworked them with my four workout routines yesterday. I think I'll lessen the leg work on any I do today and focus more on my flabby, horrible stomach.

Also, I've decided to swap my water fast for just a general fast, meaning I stray from food completely, but I'm allowing myself green tea as well as water. Speaking of which, I just burned my tongue. Damn.

Unfortunately, the green tea I have - Twinings Pure Classic Green Tea - is rather disgusting, so I'm thinking about asking my mam to start buying some flavoured stuff instead, like Lipton. I have no idea how I'm going to raise this without causing suspicion, but I hope I'll think of something.

I've also decided I'm going to ask my mam for help. When I get home tonight - I'm going out with some friends, Ana, give me strength to turn down all food - I'm going to ask my mam if I can join her during her exercises, as well as doing mine somewhat secretly of course. She started working out to this exercise video a couple of months ago, and she's now constantly gushing about how much weight she's losing. I'll post another update later on tonight, hopefully after the DVD exercise, to tell anyone reading how it went.

So, yes. That is my goal for today: no eat, more exercise. Current calorie count for today is less than 3. 275ml of the gross green tea, at 1 cal per 100ml. I hope to keep it down at less than 3, but if I cave and have more tea - hopefully not, it's truly vile - then it'll probably go up to about 5 or 6.

But hey, that's still really good, especially for me :D

Staying strong, thinking thin,