Saturday, 26 September 2009

I'm Here

Just an update to let anyone who reads know that I just finished one workout of the day. I plan on doing another one in a couple of hours before I settle down for some reality tv. Hell, I'll probably end up doing it again in between the show finishing and going to bed. Here's hoping I do anyway! I'm quite happy with myself today, because I walked into the kitchen to get some water, and although I contemplated getting some fruit smoothie - changed my mind when I saw it was 53 calories per 100ml; NO THANK YOU - I did not open a single cupboard and walked right back out with my water. It's been a good day today, I think. Moving on then...

I just wanted to say don't suffer in silence. If you've chosen ana or mia as your way of life, then that's up to you, but remember there are others in your situation who are ready to help you if you feel you're straying, or relapsing back into bad habits. If you feel like you are finally ready to turn around and say, "You know what? I have a problem, I gotta get help," then that's awesome for you! I will not judge anyone who decides to change the pro-ana/mia ways and seek help.

And on that note, I'd like to add that although my previous post states that this is not a pro-ana site, I am pro-ana myself. I also don't really care if that's contradictory; I am and that's that.

Anyway, I also wanted to say that if anyone ever wanted to get in contact, whether through email or texting - though I live in the UK so I can't text you if you're in the US, sorry - then please don't hesitate. I've read on another girl's blog that having a pro-ana friend who you keep in regular contact with can help a great deal in making sure we stick to our guns. I'm sure at the beginning, many of us have a determination, and we think, 'Hell yeah, I'm gonna do it, I *am* gonna lose weight,' but at some point, maybe not for everyone but for some, that determination can drop away. Know what can come next? Binging. Think about it, people.

Thinking thin,


Anonymous said...

oii estou te seguindo ok
me segue tb lá no meu bloguinho!!!
Muitos beijos adorei seu blog