Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I. Am. Exhausted.

This is why I won't be doing any exercise tonight, other than some crunches and about 30 reps on my Leg Master; light work, I know, but honestly, my limbs are practically screaming in protest. I fear that if I join my mam during her exercises tonight, I will faint, she will catch on, and it will just be a huge mess. So for tonight, I'm gonna pass.

And - dun, dun, dun - I have managed to convince my mam I'm eating at least some of the things she's bought me. Already vanished are: about 3/4 of the pack of oreos, one muller yogurt, the whole spongecake, two bread buns and two KitKat chunkies. The KitKats aren't actually mine, but I've stolen them from my dear sibling in the past, so I thought I'd do it again to make my act more convincing. I'm not going to go into how I've achieved this, but it paid off, as my mother was successfully fooled. I'd just like to stress: I DID NOT EAT ANY OF IT. In case any of you doubted me, which I sincerely hope you didn't; I am stronger than that.

Oh, what a glorious feeling, having everyone fooled. I can now continue on with my fast to my current target of 14 days! If I'm feeling strong and capable even then, I'll probably continue. Once I do stop, whenever that may be, I'll probably have researched foods with negative calories so I can eat while still being faithful to ana. Of course, this is a show for anyone who starts raising eyebrows, because although I'll only be eating tiny amounts, it might get them off my back for a while. Good plan methinks. I might start researching neg cals tonight actually, 'cause I'm pretty bored right now.

Yayyyyy, the 4th day this time wasn't bad at all! Half of the spongecake actually went to a couple of my friends as part of their birthday presents, and I'm extremely proud to say I could watch them eat it at lunch without one traitorous thought. Instead, I sat and listened to another friend's iPod with her, happy as a clam.

And now, as I sit here blogging to you all, and I sip my citrus green tea with no calories, the road ahead no longer looks so dark and murky, as it did yesterday - damn mother's thoughtfulness - but instead looks smooth and manageable. The reward looks even sweeter than all the foods I've turned down in the past four days. Let this be your inspiration girls (or guys), for however long you need it to be.

Staying strong, thinking thin,


XXXSammysuicidEXXX said...

Stay strong!