Thursday, 19 November 2009

Drumstick; updated!

UPDATE! 18:41pm.

CreativeEatsYou: Thank you for your encouraging comments! I resisted, and gave the lolly to one of my friends. It made me feel so strong, and you were totally right, I have the power to say no, and that's exactly what I plan on doing from now on :)

Ugh, the desire to eat tonight is irritating me. It's not even tempting, it's like the feeling of being slightly hungry is just there. Just there to annoy me. So, just to annoy it, I will ignore it. Hah, take that.

My exam today was awful - 1hr45min History paper on Medicine through Time. I came out of the exam room feeling like I was about to cry. Safe to say I failed that one, I think. Thankfully the English Literature paper yesterday went really well, I think I did OK. I like English, it lets me escape.

Wow, that was cringy. Oh well. I'm so all over the place today; maybe that's why this update is full of tiny sentences, haha. I have a Media Studies exam tomorrow, and I'm so unprepared it's unreal. It probably didn't help that that's the lesson I was in when I posted this original post. Heh, oops.


Extremely quick post today everyone, ‘cause I’m in school and therefore am not supposed to be doing this during my lesson. I just felt the need to express my panic.

My teacher’s being really nice and gave everyone out lollies. I got a drumstick lolly out of the box to not be suspicious, but now I’m seriously debating on whether or not to eat it. I looked to see how many calories it has, but I can’t find a constant answer anywhere – it ranged from about 22 to 135 (???). I want so badly to not eat it because then I’ll have wrecked my fast pretty much before it even started. But wow, I love those lollies.

I’m going to try and be strong, I just needed to get that out. I’ve put it in my pocket for now, and then I will forget about it and give it to a friend or something. I will not eat it.

Staying strong, thinking thin,


Anonymous said...

It's just a lollie! It doesn't have the power, you do! Be strong. Hope you did ok! Good luck