Thursday, 15 April 2010

Supermarkets are horrendous.

Sorry, comments next time!

Walking through a supermarket with my mam had me fighting back tears. Even I'm half baffled as to why. I think it's something along the lines of: my mam is putting stuff in the trolley and I want it, I want it all, I want to eat and munch and chew my way through the lot, but I can't afford to let myself want any of it at all.

At all.

The sheer terror I felt walking through those aisles was unreal. I'm back to being terrified of food; good thing, bad thing, I can't quite tell at the minute.

So I'm ending today at 307 calories, maybe less. I've had:

- About three quarters of an apple, cut into the most miniscule little cubes I could have managed (~40?)
- 1 cup of tea with two sugars (32)
- 1 tomato Cup-A-Soup (93)
- 1 honey and almond cereal bar type thing (142)

Total: 307.

The cereal bar thing was a treat, not tomorrow, definitely not.

New rule: aim for 300 calories every day, 500 max. Preferably liquids to solids.

Also, I'm going to start paying more attention to the fat content in my foods, aim for no more than 10g a day, max 15g.

I need to be skinnyyyyyyy.

Think thin,


Imperfections said...

Don't be upset :(. Just think how good you're going to feel when you reach your first goal! At this rate, you'll be skinny in no time. Keep up the hard work, lovely.
Stay strong x

Sun-Lit~ said...

I get that feeling too..when i go to the supermarkets i feel overwhelmed by the amount of food that surrounds me. Also....
You won an award :D
Check out my blog
Love Sun-lit~