Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I'm back down to 126.6!

How can you tell when you're in love?
I think I'm falling for Andrew.


Anonymous said...

yaaay! well done, told you you could it! :P *high five future self* stay strong!

Kate Lunacy. said...

that's great!! you can get lower!
great job.

lg, kate.

KEMPER said...

Love and infatuation are very different. Love is when you honestly could see yourself months or years down the road with that person. :)

But really, infatuation is great too. Haha.. Have fun with your boy!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I am USCH a div! I was looking at the wrong numbers like you said. Oh my god. What an absolute fool. I did thaink that as a bit high, I thought they just used super-fatty-delicious foods! My stupidity astounds me. :P Thanks! I am going to go read a book upside down now...


TheUglyGirl said...

hey sweetpea...

stumbled across your blog! love it!!!

Noticed you're starting the ABC am I.

Best wishes hun! We can do this!!!