Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh Dear.

Well tonight's been interesting. If you're not on Facebook, I'm going to warn you: it can be responsible for a lot of shit going around. One little comment gets blown out of proportion, people tell parents, parents tell your parents who are then super pissed at you for this little thing that might not even be true, and then everything goes to shambles.


The whole ordeal has put me in such a bad mood, because of course I was blamed for the entire fucking thing, that tonight there isn't even a desire to eat. One 32-calorie cup of tea has kept me going through the whole thing.

And another benefit is that hopefully my mam will be so pissed at me that she won't notice/mind/care that I'm not eating. I love when things work out to my advantage! And I'm going out tomorrow so I can lie and say I ate while out :)

Stay strong & think thin,