Sunday, 24 January 2010


Me and alcohol are not a good mix.
Friday night I told several friends I'd gone 16 days without food.
I also told them I was bulimic.

Oh god...


Anonymous said...

Well I've never been drunk so I can't say as I understand... but I've definitely been there when it comes to telling your friends WAYYY too much. It'll be okay. You might have to eat normally around them for awhile (I know how hard that is) but after a bit they'll assume you're fine. Then you can slowly go back to the way you were eating, or just avoid being around them at meal times. It's hard, I know. If you need to talk about it (trust me, I have had the same problems) feel free to email me at
Stay strong!

SBB said...

Shit - alcohol induced word vomit is the worse... That is one of the main reasons as to why I don't drink. That and I just can't handle my liqour lol.
Perhaps they were super wasted too, so they don't even remember?

Dana said...

Oh no! Hopefully, they won't remember. I never drink around friends because I'm usually on an empty stomach and I can't handle it ... and I'm afraid they'd find out about my er, eating habits.

If you want to talk or visit me:

Anonymous said...

It's okay.
Just tell your friends you were drunk when they ask. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You could just tell them you were really drunk? And didn't know what you were saying. And that you said you were bulimic because you were drunk and felt sick and WANTED to throw up at that moment? But that is quite a dilema. Hope you're ok! STay strong,

Aimee said...

Take a deep breathe.
Why not just see if they ask yet? They might have been that drunk that they can't even remember.
If they can, CreativeEatsYou idea is the best I think. Most believable at least.
Stay strong, I hope things work out okay, let me know how things are love. x

Anonymous said...

Oh i'm sure if they were as drunk as you, they wont remember a thing :), And even if they do, laugh it off.... Does anybody have any tips for not bingeing and keeping not eating from there parents, my family eats breakfast and dinner ( the hardest) with me.... and they make sure i eat... any help

body beautiful said...

Dnt worry I have been reading ur blog and ur doing well, u weigh about the same as me and I'm doing abc, maybe we can be buddys my blog is ur so good at fasting and I'm rubbish! Stay strong x x x