Thursday, 14 January 2010

More Planning.

Thankyou so much for supportive comments, they are really appreciated :)

OK, yet another change of plans. ABC is not starting tomorrow; I am fasting until next Friday, then I'm going out Friday night to town with some friends and I am getting well and truly wasted. I'm going to have one night where I'm not busy counting calories in alcohol, I'm just going to be getting drinks and downing them at every available opportunity until I can barely walk. That should be easy because it will all go straight to my head because my stomach will be emptyyyyyyyyyyy.


So that means no food until next Saturday, when I will be starting ABC. The main reason I'm postponing it and fasting until then is that I can't remember a time I was more terrified of the scales than now. I do not want to weigh myself because the number will make me want to die, so hopefully after 7/8 days of ZERO food zero/zero/zero I will be a lot lighter.

Sounds like a plan. YOU CAN DO THIS. Positive thinking, GO GO GO.

I ran 5 and a half miles in half an hour on the Wii Fit last night, repeat performance please?

Stay strong my lovely skinny girls,


Getting Closer said...

OF COURSE you can do this! Don't second guess yourself!
I wish I could fast for that long though, I can hardly do it for 24h
Anyway, I'll get there.
Stay strong!