Thursday, 24 December 2009


My New Year's Resolutions are as follows:

1. Get down to 120 at least by mid-January.
2. Once down under 120, do not raise above it again.
3. Drink more water!
4. No more binging.
5. No more purging.
7. Restrict to 1000 cals a day max when not fasting.
8. Try to fast as often as you can.

Who's with me?


KEMPER said...

I'm with you!! Doubt I can get below 120 though that quickly... I'll try though! :)

Twigs Can Fly said...

I've made my resolutions too ^.^
I'm determined to get into the low 120s by the end of January - I yoyo between 129 and 130 atm >.<

Good luck dear

Kate Lunacy. said...

I wish you a merry christmas, stay strong sweethearts! These are great

kate lunacy.

Sofia said...

satay strong...
happy new year
we'r together girls
-check my blog im from Br.

=*see ya

Anonymous said...

Hey i find ur blogs really inspirational and motivational (:
and i was wondering if you'd want to share tips or something or have a diet partner ?? :)

good luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

you should check out for tons of tips and thinspiration, the site is insane.. just passing it on.. loveya

annaxoskinnyxo said...

Stay strong! Stick to your goals! :)

noethebest95 said...

hi! I'm Noemi I'm italian and I want to be a perfect pro-ana ....I have family problems and so.....cuold you give me some advices to be a pro-ana...I'm really determinated ...I really love your blog !!!

X3 said...

i am! those resolutions are pretty much the same as mine. except i wanna start the abc or some type of diet to help. have you tryed the abc?