Friday, 25 December 2009

Rest in pieces.

Lillie: Yes, the offer for a texting partner is still open - the more the merrier! I guess you and Rachel can share! No worries, there is certainly enough of me to go around unfortunately :(

And to all the lovely skinnies who commented my last post, thank you for doing so and I hope you all achieve your own resolutions in the year to come :)


Well, yesterday morning I was 125.8, and I should have known less than 500 was a long shot on today of all days. Yes, food-wise, today was terrible. But I can't and won't let that deter me - I'll check the damage tomorrow morning, get depressed, WILL NOT CUT, and then start on the way to the whole new me. It will be like today never even happened (food-wise only, of course).

And the really irritating thing? It wasn't even the dinner that got me, it was the stupid little snacks during the day that made the calories all add up. For dinner, all I had was:

- 1 slice of turkey,
- Tiny bit of ham,
- 1 stalk of broccoli,
- 1 roast potato,
- 1/2 a yorkshire pudding.

Which, for a Christmas dinner, is a rather miniscule amount (in my opinion anyway). But then sweets, chocolates, crisps...BAD BAD BAD. It's all over - Ana gave me the day off today but it's back to work first thing tomorrow.

The last binge of 2009 occurred on the 25th December. 2010 will be binge-free, and I will bury the pounds along with this past year.

May they rest in pieces.


Lillie said...

Ah thats great thanks :) email me your number at
Don't worry i completely screwed up today aswell, and my boyfriends having a meal tomorrow and wants me to eat loads cause he thinks i undereat, im a vegetarian though so im restricting to only veg, then fasting for however long i can last.

Anonymous said...

a binge free 2010, im certainly with you there!

stay strong