Monday, 21 December 2009


127.6 this morning. I've had two cups of tea with sugar (64) and I might have another later, so my total would be 96. My mam will not get to me today, I refuse to let her. If I manage to lose another 2lbs overnight, I'll be surprised and ecstatic.

Also, R.I.P Brittany Murphy - she's my thinspo for today out of respect. She wasn't as thin as I'd like to be, but she was thinner than I am now, so what the hell.

Think thin!


SBB said...

Her death is a tradgedy - very very sad. I always find death around the holidays harder to handle too. RIP.

Stay strong today - keep busy, and maybe even keep away from your mom?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can starve yourself to a quick death, too. You're truly psychotic and evil for exulting Murphy for the very reason that killed her. You thoughtless bitch.