Monday, 21 December 2009

Dear Anonymous,

I'll have you know I had no fucking idea that there were even rumours of Brittany having an eating disorder, so to come onto my blog and accuse me of exploiting that is completely out of order. I actually don't know much about the woman, and I've only seen her in one or two films, when she looked perfectly healthy. And I'll also have you know that that's all it is, a rumour. There hasn't been a confirmation that there was even anything mentally wrong with her, so at least make sure what you're accusing me of doing has a shred of definite truth which, at the minute, it doesn't.

Yeah, maybe starving myself to a quick death would be the best. After all, how dare I prolong my existence when it offends people like you so? How very selfish of me. I apologise for the great personal wrong I have done you. After all, you clearly understand everything I'm going through one hundred percent and therefore that simply must give you the right to judge me, someone you don't even know.

Yes, I'm psychotic. Clearly. Obviously you're very knowledgeable on the subject of psychosis, and are well aware of the fact that eating disorders are not generally classed as a form of psychosis, as this usually involves hallucinations and delusions, none of which I have experienced.

'But surely you're deluded because you think you weigh too much!'

Erm, no. I know that I weigh a healthy, normal amount. Unfortunately, weighing a healthy, normal amount makes me deeply unhappy, which is a part of this illness. Oh, I'm not deluded in that sense either; I acknowledge this as an illness. I'm so very sorry for killing your argument, how terrible of me. Feel free to add that to my list of offences.

I'm thoughtless too, got it in one. Although I'm slightly confused, kindly explain to me how you know this without ever having had a conversation with me? You don't know me, you don't know that my friends and family are a very important part of my life that I couldn't live without, that I love them with all my heart and I would never hurt any of them. I know, that makes me the bitch you claim I am, how could I not see?

Next time you think you have the audacity to post such a hurtful comment on my blog, get your facts right before posting it. That'll save me devoting an entire post just to you. I bet you feel special.


Ana=) said...

Preach it girl!! lol love ur blog and the way u write =)

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