Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Always gonna be another mountain.

SBB: Thank you so much for the supportive advice! When I was texting 'Andrew' last night, I "jokingly" (ha) asked him if he would stop talking to me if I was mad, and thank god he said no. He said that wouldn't be fair - but I didn't really doubt him in the first place; he's such a nice person, and he seems to care about me. I mean, he thinks I'm depressed and stuff and he constantly asks what's wrong. I never tell him, but it's nice to know that someone has noticed and is trying to help. Other guys I've met in the past wouldn't do that :)

I'm feeling better today. Woke up back down to 126.8 so I'm happy about that.

OK, so far today I've had:

2 Oreos (104)
1/2 a tin of tomato soup (122)
1 cup of tea with 2 sugars (32)

and I plan on having either a plate of noodles later (176), or the rest of the soup (122). Probably the noodles though, because I'm craving them so bad.

That brings today's total to either 380 or 434. Less than yesterday either way. Good :)

Staying strong, thinking thin,