Sunday, 27 December 2009

There's nothing inside her.

Over the course of the past two days, I have consumed 128 calories all in the form of tea. I honestly never realised how much I love tea. I feel like I could live off it - hey, that sounds like a good idea.

Unfortunately, my fast might be sabotaged later because my grandma saved me some mince and dumplings from dinner that I didn't have. My mam's expecting me to eat it at some point today and in short, I'm panicking. I don't know how I can avoid it. The best idea I have at the minute is flushing the mince down the toilet and somehow putting the dumpling in the bin. Hmm, I'll have to work on it.

I woke up yesterday at another despicable weight, but then I weighed again before I went to bed and I'd lost 1.6lbs. WTF. I'm not complaining or anything, but how did that happen? Anyway, I haven't weighed today yet, so I'm going to do it just before bed and see if I've lost much more. If I haven't, I might cry.

Oh, I also came very close to cutting again last night - I even got the scissors and put them to my skin - but just before I started I stopped myself. No need to give me even more reason to hate what I look like, so I'm officially stopping. No more. It does not and will not help me.

I hope everyone's Christmases were fantastic and that Santa got you everything you wanted, lol. He seems to have given me a great big helping of willpower that arrived yesterday morning, and how rude of me would it be to not use it?

118 by the 31st. Stick to the fast and you can do it Laura.

Stay strong girls,


Kate Lunacy. said...

Thank you for sharing with us your day. I'm proud of you that you don't cut yourself. I know it's hard to stop but you are on a good way. Stay strong and I know that your scale will make you happy tonight.

kate lunacy.

Anonymous said...

hey there!

ooooh tea. My best friend. :P
your plan sonds good, hope it works! good luck!


Anonymous said...

Are you drinking tea with milk? Because on its own it has no calories xx