Sunday, 20 December 2009

Good & Bad

I don't know how I managed to do it, but I got the calorie amount wrong for the tea with sugar last night. I ended up having three cups instead of two because I was craving pizza so bad and I needed a distraction to stop me shoving one in the oven. It worked! I didn't have any pizza - HA. So proud of myself.

Anyway, turns out it's 32 cals for one cup, not two, and I only noticed this after my last cup, so my total count for yesterday sky-rocketed from 86 to 150. Just. Like. That. I was so mad at myself - I screwed up with calorie counting, how?! I'm in top set for maths, I get the highest marks possible in basically every maths test I do, so how I managed to screw up a simple calculation like that is beyond me.

Thank god it didn't do any damage though - I was 126.0 this morning! That's down two pounds since yesterday, which, y'know, isn't as good as I'd like (but then, my ideal overnight weight loss would be the remaining thirty-one pounds I have to lose...) but at least it's progress! This morning will be the last time I weigh before next Thursday, and then I'll post whatever I am then as my official Christmas weight, unless I somehow manage to sneakily weigh myself on Christmas morning before the present-opening chaos ensues. We'll see.

Much to my annoyance, I've had to make some changes to my Christmas lunch plan. My mam and grandma basically teamed up against me and said that me making the low-cal chocolate angel cake would be too much fuss and then - horror of all horrors - my grandma offered to make me a normal spongecake and custard instead. Holy crap no! - I wouldn't have any idea of the calories I'd be consuming, I'd be so out of control, and I can't handle that. I protested my case but they were pretty adamant that I'd not be making that cake - I'm also hoping my grandma won't make that cake because that would be bad. Plus my mam said she wouldn't bother getting low-fat cocoa anyway, so I'd have had to make do with regular cocoa if I did make it. Damn, why must they make this so hard for me?

I suppose making those changes could be good though - if I'm not forced to eat a god-only-knows-how-many-calories-are-in-this cake with custard, by cutting out the angel cake all day, my total intake would be reduced by 106, and that is good. That would mean if I follow what I was originally planning (minus the cake), my total intake on Christmas Day would be less than 500. I like the sound of that a lot, especially because the people all around me would most likely be exceeding that by hundreds, maybe thousands if they're anything like the people who eat 6000 cals on the day - seriously, how?

OK, the plan for today:

- 1 Cup-A-Soup (76), because that was the last Slim-A-Soup yesterday, damn.
- 1 cup of tea w/ sugar (32)
Total: 108

Now, I know I'll be having more than 108 (I don't want to, that's such a tiny number. I can't wait until I weigh that...) because my mam said earlier we'd be having snowballs tonight (the drink, lol), and I have no idea whatsoever about the number of calories in one. Anyone have an average number for me??

Also, does anyone know the website where you put in: your weight, height, daily calorie intake & exercise level, and it tells you how much weight you can lose every week in a table? I read it in someone's blog but can't remember whose, and I've spent about the last hour trying to find it again. Any help appreciated!

And, it's snowing outside. I love snow - it makes me think of Wintergirls. I might read that again, it was excellent thinspo.

Stay strong!


SBB said...

I think the site you're looking for is: .

Being down two is great hun! It definitely gets you a little closer to your goal! Great job at avoiding pizza!

Good luck today!

Anonymous said...

Great job on avoiding that pizza!! You are doing soooo well. I cannot seem to shift my extra weight.